I create headspace for business owners so they can do their best work.

The days of being overwhelmed are, well, over!

I create headspace for business owners so they can do their best work.

The days of being overwhelmed are, well, over!

You’ve invested your money, time, heart and soul.

You started out with enthusiasm, and you’ve worked hard to make it profitable, but somehow you’ve begun to fall out of love with your business and lost sight of what you’re here to do.

You can’t help feeling that there’s more out there for you.

More clients. More opportunities. More progress.

It’s time to take back control, and make the changes that will allow you to make an impact and live life on your terms.

Here’s how I can help you.

I get my clients results. Together we make plans, take action, break through barriers and achieve goals – no matter how big or small.

Business Management

Focus, accountability and alignment. The glue that keeps your business working seamlessly. A steadying force to keep your business on track.

Mentoring For Ops Professionals

High-touch mentoring that will strengthen your expertise in operations design and management, productivity and team collaboration.

Virtually Does It Business Support

VA and OBM support for your day to day tasks and business admin. Let my team and I take a weight off your mind and your business.

Hi, I’m Katie….

I’m an online business manager, strategist and workflow expert with a passion for helping ambitious entrepreneurs to build thriving, scalable businesses.

You’re the visionary – you’ve got exciting ideas, and you know where you want to go. I’ll help you figure out how to make those ideas a reality, integrate them into your business and show you how to move forward.

I tame stress, mess and disorganisation, and turn overwhelm into blissful headspace.

A different approach…

No matter what stage of business you’re at – a startup or hitting six-figures – it’s too easy to let the everyday little things on your to-do list take over and allow the bigger picture of what you’re actually working towards to go to the back of your mind.

For a business to prosper, it takes planning, research, knowledge, grit and determination. It needs a strong design and a detailed blueprint.

But it also requires you to be happy, confident and motivated – you are your business’ greatest asset.

What if you could swap:


Being stuck for positive momentum?


Firefighting for strategy?


Complicated processes for simple workflows?


Procrastination for action?


Dissappointment for results?


Chaos for calm?

Katie is amazing! She brings structure and organisation with a human touch.

Helen Amery, Director, Wild Fig Solutions

You don’t feel like you’re having systems or processes imposed on you. She’s practical, down to earth and so easy to work with. Katie listens to what I want for my business but she also makes brilliant suggestions for what else we could do and how else she can help. It feels like I have a partner to create with and it’s wonderful!

Trusted by….

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