I believe in making your business work for you.

Not the other way around.

I believe in making your business work for you.

Not the other way around.

Built on a foundation of collaboration and trust.

I bring a wealth of experience in online business strategy, management and business processes to ensure that my clients have a solid foundation for their business to operate now – and also make their future visions a reality.

I know first hand what it’s like to run and grow a business. Juggling priorities, nurturing a team, setting and striving for goals. It’s not easy. That’s why my solutions cover both the mechanics of running a business and the mindset you need to cultivate for success, whatever that looks like for you.

I’ll be there for you when you reach a milestone, when you win a contract – and when you lose one. I’ll be a sounding board when you need to talk things through or need to make a tough decision. I’ve been there.

I want to help you to fulfil your potential and build your remarkable business by allowing you to focus on being the creator and visionary.

Nobody starts a business to struggle. My clients get results – and that means confidence, freedom, financial abundance and a re-energised optimistic outlook for the future.

It’s such a relief to have someone like her on the team.

Francesca Geens, Founder, HappySelf Journal

Having an Integrator like Katie by my side has made all the difference as we grow the business. I know I can totally rely on her calm and organised approach to everything. Thanks to her we’ve been able to scale with solid systems and processes in place. It’s such a relief to have someone like her on the team.

Hi, I’m Katie

I’m a business operations manager and workflow strategist and I support ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders optimise and amplify their operations to build thriving, scalable businesses.

But what does that really mean? It means working with them to design a business they love, is efficient, productive, and, most importantly, gives them the freedom to make the impact and achieve what they want, all while living life on their terms.

I’m an integrator, planner, mentor and motivator. I tame stress, mess and disorganisation, and turn overwhelm into blissful headspace.

Since 2010 I’ve worked with business owners at all stages of growth, and I’ve discovered that for success, the how, the why and the what all need to come together.

My clients come to me because they want a confident, proactive approach to online business strategy and management and efficient and effective practices that get things done. They want support in turning ideas into actions and the accountability to keep projects on track. My clients have big plans, and they want someone to work alongside them to help them achieve them.

That’s exactly what they get.

My business journey started simply because I wanted to see what it would be like to build my own business. 

For most of my employee years, I loved my career, but I really wanted to create and sustain my own business. It didn’t take long for me to learn that I loved the strategy and implementation of business operations. Planning an idea from Post-It note to profitable business stream is so rewarding! It also didn’t take long to learn that a successful business can provide a lifestyle full of opportunities.

I love to travel, and I will be always grateful that I can either take my business with me, or my trusted team can keep it running without me.

My most significant achievement to date, outside the business, is building our house. Self-built over 3 years of evenings, weekends, and holidays. Just me and my husband, while also relocating, changing jobs, and starting my first business as a side hustle at the same time.

That alone should reassure you that my planning skills are second to none!

Trusted by….

You help me. You nudge and challenge my thinking, which I always appreciate.

Julie Drybrough, Director, Fuchsia Blue

I know myself to be very stubborn. For someone who works as a change agent, I recognise my own limitations to bringing in new ways of working and doing things differently. You help me. You nudge and challenge my thinking, which I always appreciate. You work with humour, insight, wit and precision. You are an absolute asset.

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