Airplane Mode Is The Most Underused Productivity Tool

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You’re probably familiar with the ‘Airplane Mode’ function on your phone – that little switch in settings that you swipe across whenever you go on a plane to block anything being received, and with it all notifications.  For some that’s bliss (me!) and for others it stirs anxiety that something all important might be missed. 

Whichever camp you’re in, you know the concept.

Depending on where you’re flying to this oasis of calm or rising thoughts of what you’re missing will only last the length of the flight, then it’s back to the pings, notifications and our lives and businesses only an app away. 

But what if you took this concept of Airplane Mode and incorporated it regularly into your business?  Uninterrupted time free of distractions to focus and do deep work on whatever you choose?  Just think what you could get done! 

I personally love Airplane Mode and I also love flying so look forward to this time I have in the clouds.  I’ve written blogs, newsletters, e-books.  I’ve planned projects, and made pivoting business decisions and I’ve allowed myself to think big.  I’ve done business reviews and identified areas of the business that need work, that need dropping altogether, or that I can really nurture and grow. I’ve taken a 30,000ft view of my business, literally!

I have time to breathe and really focus my time and energy.  I love the shifts that have happened on fights. 

A lot of business owners I know and work with are always on a quest for this Airplane Mode Time (let’s call it AMT!).  

Now you might not be able to take 8 hours straight out of a day, and you also might not be flying anywhere anytime soon, but what can you set to AMT to actually work uninterrupted on a regular basis?

Here’s three easy steps to carve out AMT: 

Reframe Your Week

If you subscribe to my newsletter (sign up on the right if you’re not) you’ll have read recently about how I reframed my weeks so I could join a new group programme and work on my business goals alongside that. Time blocking to work on projects, client work, have calls, ongoing business ops work. Time blocking is key to getting things done. If you don’t currently do this, then you absolutely should be!

Plan Your Work

Know what you’re going to do in your AMT.  If you’re intentional about the time you have you’ll show up with a plan.  Show up not knowing what to do will mean you’ll soon get dragged back into other work or distractions and not get what you need to get done, done.  

Don’t feel guilty!

AMT is so valuable.  As business owners, time to work on our businesses is a premium resource and one that should be taken seriously.  Treat this time like you would your most valuable client.  You wouldn’t not show up for them, so show up for yourself now. 

By integrating this approach into your weeks, I guarantee you’ll see an increase in your productivity, your motivation and your sense of achievement as you see your business projects gain momentum.  It’s a game changer.

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.