Build Better Business Habits

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Creating and maintaining good habits as a CEO is transformational to personal and business performance. 

It’s one thing to practice good habits when you are working on something new, launching, or getting ready for a big shift, but it’s another to keep up these habits consistently.  Habits that become a mainstay in your business, whatever phase you’re in, will pave the way for easier, more aligned success as you move forward. 

Frequent good habits build resilience.  Being able to maintain a good mindset when you’re not in a growth phase enables you to build confidence in all areas of your business to prepare, plan and execute your next phase. 

And that’s my number one habit!  

Plan and Execute

We hear a lot about planning in the online space.  Whether you love or hate the hype, it’s an absolute essential art you need in your business. You don’t just need to plan, you need to plan with strategic purpose, and that’s often where businesses fail. 

The second part of planning is executing.  What is a plan without action?  It’s a dream. You spent the time to plan, now add the energy to make your plan a reality.

Here are four other habits I have mastered that have had a huge impact on my business success.


Schedule focussed time each day to work on executing your plan.  You’ll be amazed at how much you get done in an hour if you plan effectively.  Dismiss the urge to procrastinate or give in to distractions.  This can be really difficult at first, but it will repay you greatly if you can switch off and work on what your plan is telling you. 

Keep Learning

You don’t need to know everything – there are experts in every area of business for that – but you do need to keep learning what’s going on in your industry, and outside of it. I love looking into how other businesses are doing things, what they are talking about and how they can then be translated to compliment what I know.  It’s amazing how much knowledge you can gain that will enhance your own service or customer experience if you keep an open mind. 


This is so important.  What could have gone better?  What went really well?   We’re often programmed to see things as either a resounding success or a complete failure, without any middle ground.  But there is so much success in everything we do and so much to be learnt from perhaps not quite being where we thought we’d be.  To be able to reflect on each phase of your business, and celebrate as well as learn will set you in a really good place as you grow.  


For us, as CEOs to be at our very best, rest and downtime is super important.  This is something I haven’t always found easy.  Usually when I slow down or go on holiday, that is when my creative juices start flowing and that is when I want to get on with planning!  So I compromise, and just make a quick note on my phone so I don’t forget it!  When you can learn to recharge and take some time out – that is when you will really notice a shift in your energy and focus.

What habit can you nurture to up level your personal performance, and be happier and more fulfilled in your business?  If you need a place to start.  Start with Plan and Execute – that will give you the most positive momentum for you and your business.

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.