Do Your Goals Have People Problems?

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This blog post is prompted by this Todd Herman quote that I saw on Instagram this week and that totally resonated. I had a “yes, that’s it” moment when I read it. It very accurately articulates the one key factor that is often overlooked in our quest for big goals. The people.


Often the problem with not achieving goals, or making slower progress than is hoped for isn’t about the goal being too big, or not aligned, or too technical, it’s about the people trying to make that goal happen that are the problem. This is often you and me as the business owners, and sometimes our teams too can play a part.

Think about this….

  • How many times has progress slowed on your projects because you “don’t have time”?
  • How many times have you looked at your project plan, become completely overwhelmed and talked yourself out of it?
  • You need to hire a team to help you, but hiring is so overwhelming you try to do it yourself, only to get totally bunt out by juggling all that’s need for your development and your day to day business.
  • How many times have you delayed starting something until you have all the tech set up, or you’ve just got that one thing out the way first?
  • How many times have you actually made really good progress, and almost achieved your goal, only for you to become stuck in the final moments, either through your perfectionism, procrastination of stage fright?

I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

There is one thing in common here, and that’s the CEO – you.

You need to find the time to plan correctly, to hire if you need to and lead your team so they are aligned in your overall vision and the outcome that you’re looking for. YOU need to take action, overcome your procrastination and take a deep breath of confidence and get to work.

And yes, I know, that’s a lot easier to write than do sometimes, but taking consistent action is what will make the difference, however small those steps may be.

Achievement of anything in business is down to the people, and not the goal you have put out there. You take on the responsibility for making what happens happen.

It’s not all down to the list or project plan you make either. Mindset is incredibly important when you’re working towards something new. If you struggle with setting intentions, here are some ways to help nurture your mindset for success:

  • In the words of Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try”. Change your thoughts and internal language to you will achieve your goals, rather than you will try.
  • Actually finish what you start. You’ve probably heard the term ‘completer-finisher’, and completing is more important that starting. If you struggle actually completing what you start, just try setting smaller goals and work on one thing at a time to build this habit.
  • If you haven’t achieved goals in the past, future goals are likely to be less impactful, even if your vision is still great. Don’t downgrade your goals, work on yourself so you can achieve what you want. Where do you need to work on your skills, knowledge and mindset so complete what you need to.
  • See you goal in your minds eye. Visualise it in your business and life and the positivity and excitement that will evoke will increase your commitment to work harder towards it.
  • Have patience <<< this is so important! Failure can also come from impatience. Don’t set a goal and expect it to miraculously appear in front of you a month later. If you work to unrealistic timescales you will fall short and won’t achieve what you want as the frustration will mean you give up. I know, I used to be that person a long time ago! Stick with it. Keep showing up, doing the work and it will happen.

So if you’re setting your goals for 2022, or refining what you have planned, take a moment to read this post alongside what you’re going to do.

Your goals may come across problems, but hopefully you won’t be one of them!

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