Katie MacDonald

The conversation that will calm your chaos.

You want the entrepreneurial dream back – but where do you start?

What’s that ‘one thing’ right now?

We all have them.  That one thing that we just can’t quite get a handle on in our business. That’s not working, that we want to implement but we don’t know where to start.

I know you have a zone of genius plus plenty of business skills, experience and imagination, but that just doesn’t feel enough at times does it.

The smallest things can feel the most difficult.

Something you think should be so simple, just isn’t.  And it’s stalling you.  It’s frustrating, and it’s zapping your energy. You’re feeling stuck.

You’ve reached the point where everything is just too much (actually, it all feels a bit messy but you don’t want to say that out loud).

You can see exactly what you want, but it’s just out of reach. If only you could figure out the things that are holding you back.

If only you had a bit of help.

She’s smart, and works really well when you let her understand your business and what you’re trying to achieve. The chances are that she’ll have ideas you won’t have had. And that if you run with them, you’ll get a better, more value-added outcome, than you’d imagined.

Christine Livingston, Writer and Coach

I want to help you do things your way.

Nobody starts a business to struggle.

My clients get results – and that means the confidence to continue to build the business they want, with a fool-proof structure to support them on the journey, and a re-energised optimistic outlook for the future.

We work on what you need right now.  Just a few examples could be….

Take a big idea that's hit a roadblock get it moving again.

Optimise your systems and workflows to bring more freedom and make your business work better.

Systemise your business to hire a team.

Best practice for hiring a team.

Review your tech stack so it's more efficient and serves you better.

Choose an online business management platform that gives you real-time information and helps you to plan what’s coming up.

Strategic action planning. Get clear on what you actually need to work on.

Design a client or customer experience that buildings credibility, reach and impact.

How to work at your best including time management, prioritisation and how to work on what matters most. Get the results your need, fast.

Or something totally different.  I will meet you where you’re at.

Imagine going into tomorrow with….

That 'thing' solved. A clear roadmap to implementation.

Your next steps mapped out so you can take action and make progress every single day.

Achievable milestones that actually mean something in your business growth journey.

A sense of excitement and motivation to move your business in the direction you want, without overwhelm.

The confidence that you have the tools and resources you need.

The headspace to plan again and execute with ease.

Katie stepped in with sound advice about refreshing tired admin systems to make a one-woman operation run smoothly.

Kate Simon, Founder, Traveltappers

You’ll be amazed at how much headspace you’ll get in an hour (+ a bit!)

Hello Headspace sessions are designed for you, for what you need, to get the results you want. Right now.

Together we’ll uncover what’s holding you back, plan solutions that get you unstuck and prioritise what you need to do next to get back on track. And all with ease.

My fluff free approach means we’ll get to the core of the matter quickly.

You’ll go back to your business with clarity, confidence and a renewed motivation to get things done, knowing exactly what your next steps are.


And we don’t stop after an hour. Because I know how important it is to have support as you implement and take action, I’ll be available on Voxer and email for 7 days after our call to help keep you accountable.

Quick execution of ideas and action is very motivating!

Your investment is £380 + VAT.

As soon as you purchase, you’ll get email confirmation with how to book your session. 

You’ll also receive a simple pre-session questionnaire to help me understand where you’re at and what you’d like to achieve in our time together.

We’ll then meet on Zoom for an hour to strategise, plan and set intentional action.

You’ll leave knowing what you need to do to move forward and a plan to take action straight away.

7 days of support on Voxer and email to keep you accountable follow. Quick execution is everything!

Goodbye overwhelm. Hello Headspace!