How A Lack Of Specificity In Your Business Is Stalling Your Growth

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A buzz word at the moment is ‘vision’.

What vision do you have?

You are the visionary of your business, where are you taking it?

What is your vision for your business lifestyle?

It’s actually one of the few buzz words I hear that I can get behind! I talk about vision and being the visionary in your business a lot. I work with the visionaries and their teams to drive forward the business vision.

The word itself gives a focus, and evokes the need to get clear on the detail.

And there lies a hurdle that I see so many business owners facing that stalls their momentum.

“Clear on the detail”.

Do you actually know what it takes to execute a strategy to get to your vision? And if you do what’s the strategy? What are the milestones within that strategy you know you need to achieve to get to the vision you’re seeing? And by when?

Overwhelmed yet…?!

There is no need to be. Let’s keep it simple and break it down so it’s easy to implement.

Firstly, a shift in perspective is needed when planning out the roadmap to get to your vision. You need to work backwards. We’re so programmed to always be forward-thinking and to build and keep momentum, that ‘forward’ is a default setting. But getting specific on your vision and what is needed to get there is probably the only time where that ‘forward’ word isn’t helpful.

What are you striving towards? aka your vision.

This should be the easy part! I am sure that you can see your vision 20/20! If you don’t know that yet, you need to get crystal clear.

Why? How will it benefit you and your business?

This is an important step as it can help you with the business ops you’re going to need to support you. If your vision is to sign more clients or create a high-ticket programme, then you’ll need a rock-solid client experience workflow. If it’s to increase efficiency in your content creation, then you’ll need a streamlined tech stack that works well together.

What’s the timeframe?

When do you want your vision to be a reality? Be realistic too!

What do you need to create or enhance to produce the results?

This will be the projects you will be working on that will get you where you want to go. Examples could be:

a) creating a new product or service

b) trying a new marketing stream

c) working on your visibility

d) exploring collaborations or affiliate schemes to grow your email list

What action do you need to take under each of your chosen projects to complete them?

This is the detail. This biggest part of getting to your vision. These are the specific tasks that need to be ticked off. Include how you’re going to implement too, rather than just get the ticks off the list.

Map your tasks on projects to your timeframe.

Look at how you can take daily steps towards your vision. Map your tasks in full in a project management system, set start and end dates, and block out time in your diary to actually do the work.

Plan your celebration!

Achieving a milestone, big or small, is always a cause for celebration – so what are you going to do, both to keep momentum along the way, and also when you get to your Big Vision?

Bonus Step

What’s the plan B? There is more than one way to achieve what you’re wanting to. One of the reasons a lot of entrepreneurs don’t achieve what they want is they are so focussed on the way they have planned out to get there, that when things don’t go to plan, they stop. Rework it, find a different route, there will be another way to get there if your vision is still clear and your why is still as strong.

Getting really specific and planning routes that rarely need deviating from is just one aspect of Mindset & Mechanics – have you joined us yet?

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.