How I Get It All Done


This is a question that I’m often asked!  How do I get everything done?  My client work, my own work, nurture a team, develop myself and take time for me too.  In today’s blog post I’m lifting the lid on what goes on behind the scenes at Virtually Does It HQ to give you an insight into how I run my own business. 

A morning routine has been a game changer

I never used to see the need for a morning routine and wasn’t someone who bought into the idea for a long time. I had reached a point a few years ago where I wanted to increase my personal performance (I understand that makes me sound like an elite athlete and I am absolutely not that!). There were certain things I wanted to accomplish in my business and personal life that I felt needed me to perform better. To just ‘be’ better. I wanted to increase my energy levels, be fitter, read more, write, revisit a meditation practice, hit some goals in the business that needed me to be my best self, and I wasn’t carving out time consistently to do those things. 

So, 5am it is.  I’m an early bird anyway so this wasn’t too much for a stretch. I move my body every day. I am surprised at how much I have grown to love this exercise time and now really miss it when I don’t do it. This always comes first, followed by writing, and reading a personal or business development book. I can’t read this type of book in the evening as I fall asleep too quickly and then don’t remember what I’ve read, so half an hour in the morning is a brilliant way to learn and opens my mind for the rest of the day. 

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

I plan everything – given my business is focused on operations and workflows it would be very strange if I didn’t! I am never without a list!  My project management platform is mapped out so every day I know what I need to get done.  For my clients, my team and me.  This is what keeps me accountable and on track and without it I would be totally lost.  

It is my business hub that holds everything that is going on and it makes the mechanics of my business easy and streamlined. I always give everything a start date, an end date, and keep the details up to date. 

Building a strong business foundation early in my business journey was one of the best things that I did (even if it wasn’t the most fun at the time!).  It has evolved over the years, but it always serves me well.  Such a simple thing, and often overlooked, but one that I would not be without now. 

Planning time is just as important

As well as planning tasks and projects, I also plan my time.  Structured blocks to get things done, paired with flexibility to allow for room when I need it.  I do what my calendar says, and when working on the business this is such a good way to focus on getting things done. You’ll be amazed at how much this increased productivity too.

I’ve learnt to set boundaries around the time I block, and this includes distractions when I’m procrastinating! 

I make time for what matters

One of the pushbacks I get when I suggest planning and time blocking to clients is that it is inflexible and too structured.  They started a business for flexibility and freedom, not to be ruled by their calendars!  The one key phrase in that sentence is ‘they started a business’.  Exactly, YOU started your business, so you design it as you wish.  Just stick to the design to make it work. 

I make time on Wednesday and Fridays to take time out to do other things.  This may not be anything fancy, but I plan to see friends, get out from behind the computer, and actually leave the house if I’m having a really busy week! I chose to design my business to make time for that. 

Clarity on my vision

I am crystal clear on where I’m heading and what the long-term vision for the business is. Because I have this clarity, when I’m planning, or blocking out time, I know what to work on that matters the most. 

It’s not always been that way, but I have become rooted in practices that I know work to cultivate a vision I want, and how I can best serve, make the most impact, and also live the life I want.  

And yes, it’s a constant work in progress, but I love that it is. 

If you’re ready to look at how you’re getting everything done in your business, and need clarity, this is for you.

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.