How to Outsource Based On Your Needs Not Your Emotions

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Outsourcing can give you back time, make you feel calmer, more organised and happier with more business freedom to top it all off.

Isn’t that what every entrepreneur wants in their business?

That’s the emotional state that many want.  Your heart leads you to the way you want to feel, rather than what your business strategically needs to give you that emotional state. 

‘Outsourcing’ is often seen as the magic spell that can transform you and your business.  And indeed that can be true.  But it’s only true if you know what you actually need help with. 

I have had a few discovery calls over the years where the potential client has come to the call full of hope, a vision for how they want their business to be, which is great.  But when I ask the question “how can I help you get there?” they can’t answer me.  The emotional state is clear, but what it’s going to take to get there isn’t. 

You need to outsource what you need, rather than how you want to feel.  How you want to feel can be the end result, but it’s not something that me and my team can support unless we know what you need to remove from your plate to give yourself the opportunity to feel the way you want to. 

You need a starting point. Here’s how to figure that out. 

What areas of your business are holding you back?

They may not be what you’re good at so they take you much longer than you would like. You may not have enough expertise to make the area efficient, or you can do what’s needed but you don’t enjoy it and it’s therefore a distraction from work that only you can do and that generates revenue. 

That’s where your greatest need lies and you should be looking at tasks within those areas to see what makes the most sense to outsource. 

Do you need a specialist or a generalist?

Virtual Assistants and OBM’s are great generalists, and can cover off many tasks at a high level to make a big difference to your business efficiency, not to mention free up your time.  

But that type of support doesn’t suit everything, and it’s important to really know what you need.  

You can’t expect a VA to have in-depth knowledge of every tech platform, marketing strategy and graphic design for example.  

So not only do you need to know what you need support with and in what area, but you also need to work out at what level.  

Do you need technical knowledge?  If so, you need to find a specialist from that specific industry.

Do you need general business and admin support? Then you need a generalist with sound business ops knowledge. 

What is your greatest need vs your budget

Different levels of support will attract different budget levels.  Specialist support such as copywriting, marketing, strategy and management for example will attract a higher price than more general business support. 

Where is your biggest need right now?  What would make the biggest difference?  And what can your business sustain? 

When thinking about outsourcing, commit to working in this way and grow.  That is where the most benefit is felt, when you really build a relationship with your new team. With that in mind, what you invest needs to be sustainable for at least 6 to 12 months to really feel the benefit. 

Need help deciding what to outsource and who would be a good fit? Take a look here.

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Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.