Remove The Unnecessary Fluff In Your Business


You know that new ‘thing’ you’ve signed up to that is supposed to make your business life easier? Well, you might not need it.

In fact, you might not need a fair few more of those I-can’t-run-my-business-without ‘things’ that at one time were allll anyone was talking about.

But how do you decide what you do actually need in your business? That you know will make the difference you’re looking for. And if you start weeding out all the platforms, where will you put all your information that is currently in them?

Part of the mission for Virtually Does It has always been to cut out the noise that is all around us running an online business.

The never ending stream of content we consume, having a front row seat to what is going on inside the businesses of people we don’t even know but looks amazing and a must have! Pair that with our own insecurities, passion and drive to want to be the best and make the most impact we can, is a recipe for overwhelm, complication and being merged into a lane that we don’t even want to be in!

Yes, ‘stay in your own lane’ is also a mantra here too!

So how can you continue to keep learning, growing and consuming information and keep up with trends, while making rock-solid decisions on what is best for your business?

Here are two considerations next time you think you need to add more to your business.

Simplicity is the way forward.

I have seen many wonderful, intricate and convoluted ways to do the simplest of things, taking far more time and headspace than is necessary! Before you implement something new, or change a way of doing something, ask yourself if this is making your life simpler? Is it the most efficient way of doing what you need to?

If it is simple, you’re really not missing a step, you’ve actually found the best way to do what you need to.

It has to be significant.

Does what you’re wanting to do or implement create a significant impact in your business? From either a foundational ops perspective, or a client experience perspective?

If the answer is no, it really isn’t worth your time or energy. Knowing how you answer this question will come back to your overall business plan and your priorities for whatever phase of business you’re in.

Remember, your business foundation. The sprinkles on the top are nothing without the ice-cream underneath!

You cannot run on sprinkles alone!

The significance of what you implement has to yield the results you’re looking for, either business efficiency or client experience or revenue. Decorations don’t count when we’re building a strong sustainable business.

Your time is your most precious resource so you also need to remember that if you’re working on something that isn’t really necessary, other more growth-oriented activities are falling by the wayside.

But what if your answer is yes?

Then let’s do this! If you know it will have the impact you need then plan out the actions you need to take.

We’re all on a mission to make our businesses a better place to be. Simple, significant and sustainable is where our focus needs to be.

If you need help with your rock-solid decisions, just go here and I’d love to help you simplify your business to achieve your business growth goals.

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.