How to Reset your Mind and Business for Success


2020 was quite the year! Our personal and professional lives have been turned upside down as we become accustomed to the new normal around us, both personally and as entrepreneurs. The online business world has had a huge boost, with the world functioning on Zoom (or so it feels!), there have been many opportunities to pivot and do more this way. But at times of uncertainty, your productivity can be at an all time low, your mind is trying to focus on far too many things, and it’s easy to feel unconnected to the plans we set in January for the months and year ahead. They may not even be relevant any more.

So, what now?

Take 1 hour out of your day to work through these four steps to get back to a sense of purpose, whether you need to start from scratch, or just get momentum back for what you had planned. No interruptions, your favourite space, and a notebook is all you need.


Take a look back and think about everything that has come across your path in the last few months, both personally and professionally. You might be wondering why you have been feeling the way you have and haven’t been making the progress you’d like. Taking a look at what you have done will put this into perspective, and give you a reason why you perhaps haven’t been on your A game as much as you would like. Note down all the key headlines you’ve worked through and how they made you feel. You’ll get clarity and a sense of balance from this exercise. It’s OK your productivity has been low because you have been doing X, Y Z and A B C also happened!


So now you’ve got clarity and a clean slate, it’s time to recharge. Energy can run low without you even realising it. I know that during our period of lockdown in the UK, I seemed to be working in and on the business much more telling myself it was OK as there was “nothing else to do”. It was only on some reflection I did a few months ago on why I was tired and my mind felt foggy that I realised what I had been doing! Where do you need to recharge? More sleep? Review your nutrition and exercise? Get back to some feel-good habits that you have let slip.


Take a look at your plan and purpose. Whether that’s a yearly, 90 day or 6 week plan, is it still aligned to where you’re going now? Or what you want for your life and business? If not then now is the time write a new one, focussed on where you are now and where you want to be. Never be afraid to change direction or tweak things as you go.

Regain your Momentum

You’ve spent time reflecting, you’ve recharged (or you have solid non-negotiable time to), you’ve realigned your goals. Now it’s time to get back into your zone of genius and take action. Small steps every day add up, so take things easy as you get back into this new normal. Plan your to-dos effectively to make sure you get things done and make progress. You’ll get a big boost and sense of achievement. Everything is in your reach. Plan, implement and enjoy!

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.