How To Take Inspired Action (calmly!)

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I stepped back from my business recently and slowed the pace down for a while.  It felt so good! Time to regroup, take stock, relax, read, have long lunches, it was just bliss.  

It had actually been about 18 months since my last scheduled break from the business.  I know…. Not good! The pandemic meant that a few holidays had been cancelled, and with the local and international travel restrictions it just didn’t make sense to go anywhere, so I just rolled on in the daily routine.  The business also grew during that time, so my focus was on that next phase too, which was slightly unexpected, but certainly a good thing. 

So, nine glorious days ahead of me with no demands at all! And breathe!

And then, BAM!  Yes, all the ideas came rushing in, clarity that I had been searching for was crystal clear, and solutions that seemed so hard to figure three weeks ago were so obvious. 

I wrote an article here about how inspiration often comes when I slow down.  New ideas, and clear pathways to what I’m wanting to achieve next come with ease. 

If this also happens to you when you take time out, you’ll know there is that slight edginess that you really should be not thinking about the business, and it’s somehow not a proper break if you keep having these thoughts.  You might spend some time trying to distract yourself from it and pushing those thoughts out of your mind.  But not usually with much success! 

Flip this on its head and embrace it.   We rest, recuperate and nourish in different ways, and if you can still do that, while getting energised about your next business move then go with it.  Just don’t be tempted to spend all the day on your laptop, your scheduled time off is still important, and you need to be very disciplined with that. 

Keep a note taking app on your phone, or a notebook handy to jot any of these ah-ha moments down so you can come back to them when you are back in proper business mode and take action. 

And here’s where things can go wrong. 

You’re back, you’re rested, you’re inspired and you have a lot of things to implement from your notes.  It can be easy to rush ahead full of excitement and motivation, somehow missing the fact you have a successful business to get back to that needs you. 

It doesn’t take long for you to feel overwhelmed and frustrated that you have lost that momentum you came back with.  You’re now feeling like everything is rushed, you just want to get to your ideas but there is so much else going on. 

That’s where inspired, calm, action comes in.  Intentional time to plan, implement and execute in tandem with your daily business responsibilities. And here’s how you do just that. 

Goodbye overwhelm, hello prolonged holiday headspace! 

Don’t run before you can walk

You know that when you rejoin your business world, there are going to be things to catch up on, meetings to have, reading to do and emails to process, so don’t even try to work on anything else for the first few days.  

An antidote to overwhelm is focus, so focus on getting up to speed with your business first.  Once you’re back on top of everything, then is the time to set out to plan what you want to implement from your holiday ideas. Not while your mind is playing catch up on the last few weeks. 

Prioritise the most simple and significant ideas and do those first

It’s probably going to be the case that not all your ideas and solutions will actually make it into your business.  That’s when prioritising comes in.  Look back at all those thoughts, notes and scribbles and work out what will really make a difference and implement that first.  Chances are it’s not that business-changing project, it’s the tweaks to your newsletter strategy, a new lead magnet or funnel to try, that’s where the immediate focus should be. 

Keep those bigger projects simmering, and plan to work on them regularly, but not at the detriment of some simple and significant changes that will make a big impact straight away. 

Stay in your own lane

Our minds can run wild with all the opportunities that are in front of us as online business owners.  You, like me, have probably been so blown away by your own strategies which seem like they are amazing, only to find actually they are just not a fit for you when you look at your business in the cold light of day. 

Yes, we want to be excited by our business, energised, inspired, create the impact we desire, but businesses also need to be real, authentic and above all sustainable.  You’ll know what you can do, and you’ll know what you’re prepared to do to make shifts if you need to.  

You have a remarkable business, with your uniqueness, build on that. 

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.