Pressing Pause On My Podcast

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With all the ways there are to promote your business, your expertise and yourself, podcasts are probably near the top of that list at the moment, their popularity has grown hugely in recent years, especially during the pandemic of 2020. 

In a recent article by Forbes Magazine, it was reported that listening had increased by 32% in 2020 from 2019. 100 million people listened to a podcast each month in 2020, and this is expected to rise further to 125 million by 2022. 

So given those impressive stats above, is it the right move for me to be pressing pause on the next season of my podcast right now? 

Yes, you read that right, and let me explain! 

When I launched Season 1 of the Grow Profit and Thrive Podcast in 2020 it was so exciting, and something I had wanted to do for a year so to see it all come together in eight episodes was such an accomplishment.  

I loved producing it too, and my guests are some of my favourite business owners who share some brilliant insights into everything from content, to marketing, to spinning all the plates when running a business, and who they would choose to eat pizza with! 

I had fully intended to launch Season 2 this autumn but my business vision has changed slightly since then and my focus and strategy has shifted in line with what I’m being asked about, how I support people, and new ideas for products and services that I’m developing in light of all that.  

I’m sure a second season of the podcast would support that shift and future launches, but is it the best use of my time and resources right now, when I could be using this same time to work on direct revenue generating activities? 

There are so many choices in business, so many shiny objects, and so many ways to do things and I am a big supporter of considered experimenting and landing on what works for you.  The blind spot we often miss is the ‘why’ we do something. 

Are you producing a podcast because it fits with your business strategy, brand and audience, or are you doing it because they are the hot topic right now? 

Are you creating a membership because it is what you’re being asked for, or you’re seeing as an opportunity, or just because you have seen a course on it? 

Does what you have in your immediate plan fit with your overall business vision? 

Focus on the business activities that will make the biggest difference, and that might mean juggling several projects at once to fit everything together, but your time and resources should be put into what will make an impact.  If that’s a podcast, great!  And I will quite likely come back to my podcast when the time is right.

It is OK to change your mind.  Sometimes in business we can seem embarrassed to pivot, we worry that our audience will be confused, or that we’ll be perceived as changing our minds again (I’ve been there….three websites and two brand refreshes in 3 years?!  Oh yes, but that’s for another article!). 

What is most important is your consistency of message, your authenticity and how you support your people. Your business will change over time and that’s OK, my business looks totally different now than it did 5 years ago, it’s better, and I am continuing to build on that success.  Successful businesses don’t stay still for long and that’s a good thing! 

So, I am going to become one of those people who only puts out 1 season of a podcast and then stops for a while! I am happy with that, I know I’m directing my energies into other more profitable areas of the business at the moment and it feels right. 

Don’t be afraid to press pause when you need to.

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.