Keep Building What You Need For Your Business

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Have you ever reversed engineered the vision for your business?

That may sound obvious.  Of course you think about what you need to implement when you know what you want to achieve, as otherwise how do you know? 

It isn’t always that obvious. 

Chances are you’ve been in business a while, and you’ve probably got an operations structure of some sort already in place.  You’ll have your favourite platforms, and your go to organisation and prioritisation habits.  You get things done.  

But now you have ideas on where you want to take the business.  You have all the excitement around your new plans.  Then you try and make progress and integrate it into your business, and then things start to go a bit wrong….

It’s not fitting smoothly into your current business operations model and actually throwing things out of balance, both for your productivity and for seamlessly delivering what you need to.  Things just aren’t working that well anymore, anywhere in the business. 

Business operations need to evolve as your business evolves.  When I first started out as a VA in 2010, I used the most basic of platforms as my business got traction. But those platforms and ways of working didn’t serve me much past the 2-year mark.  My business needed more and I needed to upgrade my working practices and what I used to run the day to day, and also keep one eye on forward planning.

Unless you review and tweak what you use to deliver your business services, and to keep your day to day business operations up to date you will soon see a stall in your business growth, results, and your confidence to develop the business the way you want. 

What does your future business need?

The key to evolving your business structure is asking yourself what you future business needs that it doesn’t already have, and the slowly implementing those things slightly ahead of when you need them.  For example…

Are you thinking of taking on a team?  If so, do you have a project management platform in place, and does it have the functionality to share and communicate with your team via the platform?  Have you thought about onboarding your new team?  What will they need to know and how will you introduce them to your business operations? 

Are you upgrading your sales funnels?  Does your current email marketing and landing page software easily and simply integrate or will your new funnels require plugins, Zaps and other third party apps to make it work? 

Are you planning more deep work for strategy time?  Is your schedule set up to allow you the space to do this without compromise?  If not, what do you need to implement or change to make this happen?

With so many moving parts to a business, it can get overwhelming to try and cover all the areas that might need to change.  Keep it simple and only upgrade one area at a time to avoid unnecessary disruption. 

If the thought of analysing your business ops does not fill you with joy, take a look at Hello Headspace, where we can deep dive into how your business is working now and how you need it to work for your Big Vision. It will empower you to create the results you want and as simply as possible.

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.