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The Operational Edge

Elevate Your Business Operations & Unlock Your Potential

Coming Soon….

The Operational Edge

Elevate Your Business Operations & Unlock Your Potential

Where Business Mastery Begins

Go from asking “but how do I make that happen?” on repeat, to confidently knowing what you need to put in place to guarantee the results you’re striving for.

 Are you circling above the maze of strategies, ideas, to-do lists, tech, video calls, social media, hiring a team, and everything else you need to do (or feel like you should be doing) in your business to make things tick? And then there is the goal setting, planning and action taking to bring the next phase of your business to life.

There’s so much “noise” out there telling you that you should be doing “this” system and following “that” method – no wonder you feel like you’re in a spin, have stopped making progress and are just doing the day to day until you can think clearly again.

You’ve got a business that works, you want to grow, but you know that how your business runs in the background now just isn’t up to the next stage you’ve been working so hard for. 

The Operational Edge is a high touch business accelerator experience to guide you off the strategy cycle, to help you side step trying to force your business and the way it works into another framework that doesn’t quite fit, and to design a business that gives you want you need to succeed.

Rise above the noise with a clear vision and goals, and a plan of focused actions to get you there.   

Whether you’re small but mighty, have huge growth aspirations, want more time to do what you love (or a combination of all three) this is for you.

Isn’t it time you gave your business the edge?

I cannot thank her enough for the value she added to me and the business.

Teresa Heath-Wareing, Business, Marketing & Mindset Coach.

I worked with Katie for years and my business would not be what it is today without her! She was instrumental in my business growth and smarter business processes which freed up my time to do the important things. If you need someone to help you develop the business, be a support both practically and emotionally then Katie is your woman!