Katie MacDonald

Knowing where you want to go is one thing.

Getting there is another.

Welcome to Mindset & Mechanics

A quiet focus on developing the mindset you need to be your very best.

A sharp focus on business operations and efficiency.

Both in balance.

Grounded and simple logic, with tried and tested methods that work. No fluff.

That’s the Mindset & Mechanics difference.


I am so proud to finally get Mindset & Mechanics out into the world.  A lot has gone into creating something that I believe underpins what running your own business actually means. Finding the balance of working on yourself and working on your business – but ON what will make a solid difference to you as an entrepreneur and how your business performs.

The private Podcast, where you’ll learn more about each pillar of Mindset & Mechanics, and why it’s time to step off the strategy cycle and focus on what works – and actually uncover what that is for your business (often the hardest part!).

The Immersion, coming in the summer (with an early access opportunity), is a 6-month implementation container to uncover the formula you need to make huge progress towards a business operations model that plays to your strengths, achieves what you set out to do with ease and simplicity, and helps you expand your vision for the future.

Mindset & Mechanics Podcast

The Private Podcast

Business is as much about your mindset and energy as it is about the systems you use to run it. It all needs to be in sync. Side step the noise, the productivity hacks, trendy strategies, and irrelevant details and find your focus on what will actually build you a strong foundation for success. Get ready to design your business, your way.

The Immersion

A high-touch experience that meets you where you’re at in your business to accelerate your growth and impact. The Mindset & Mechanics Framework, coupled with strategies, systems, accountability and expansive minds, support you as you work out what’s now, next and what’s possible for you and your business. Stay grounded and think big with confidence.

You want a challenge – but you also want freedom and fun.

Mindset & Mechanics is here to help you find your perfect formula to get the best from your business and you.

It’s a balance of focusing on what you need to develop personally and what you need to implement in your business operationally to get results. Both for you to feel fulfilled and accomplished, and to see your business succeed. 

Uncover where you need to work on your confidence, your leadership, or success habits. Learn what mindset tools you need to be able to step up into the version of you that you need to be to create your next phase of business. Because working on ourselves is always work in progress!

Design your business to work for you and not the other way around.  Simple workflows, easy processes and team collaboration will make your business enjoyable now and sustainable later.  Learn what mechanics you need in your business based on how you work and what you do, that will make life simple and get you the results you want.

Not all strategies work in the same way for every business, and it’s so important to get the right one, or many, for you.

Sounds just what you’ve been searching for?  Thought so…

Get ready to meet your future business.