My Client Whys: And Why It Matters


I sometimes think we get our ‘why’ out of alignment when thinking about it from a business perspective.  

“What is your why?” is a question often answered by why you’re in business.  What made you take the leap, set up your service, or design your product?  Your answer will often be weighted more towards personal reasons. You wanted more balance in your life, earn more, work less, you know you’re good at what you do, or in my case, you just wanted to see what it would be like! 

Business is all about alignment – especially for service based businesses, your why has to be about your clients and what you do for them, not just about what your business can do for you. 

So let me ask you the question – what are your client whys? Here’s what underpins what I want my clients to feel and why. 

I want them to feel supported

Running a business is tough, but to know I can take a weight off their shoulders, get things done, support their decisions and be a sounding board for new ideas.  I want them to know that whatever their business throws at them, we’ll find a way to make it work in a way that suits them, and continues to move the business forward.  I want them to know they can message me when they need to talk something through, and I’ll always give my honest take on what’s happening, all with them and their business at the heart. It’s always about the functional ops side, it’s the personal side too, we’re in this together.

I want them to feel a sense of relief

Finally!  They’re not alone! Working with me gives them the breathing space they need to do their best work.  They’ll have a plan to follow that is clear, not overwhelming, structure to make things easier, and a more positive outlook on their next phase.

I want them to feel confident

My clients can feel overburdened by everything there is to handle in their business.  With my expertise, I want them to feel confident in the advice and guidance I share and the changes we make are for the better.  Confident that this is good for their business, even though change can be hard.  A knock on effect of that is increased confidence in themselves as a CEO knowing they have a strong sustainable business that can support their growth.  

I want them to feel empowered

Linked with confidence, trusting the business mechanics, and nurturing a strong mindset knowing their business can fully support their vision, is a powerful combination. To feel empowered to make decisions, plan a bigger goal, or work outside a comfort zone is something I want my clients to be able to feel they can do with ease, knowing all bases are covered to support them.

I want them to feel inspired

Feeling relieved, confident and empowered allows them to work on what matters most. Practice self-leadership to do more of what lights them up, all leading to increased happiness in their business, blending work and life becomes easier, and new ideas and goals don’t seem so far out of reach.

I want them to get results

All of these values come from seeing the transformation that happens when priority is given to the mechanics of a business.  What goes on behind the scenes must be first class, it can’t be anything less.  To see happy, successful business owners who really enjoy their business completely, is so rewarding.

I’m not about shallow shortcuts, I’m about sustainable success.  That road is bumpy, it’s emotional and it’s not always a glamorous place to be.  But the transformations are worth it, and that’s what matters.

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.