Need A Different Kind of ‘Holiday’?


Why is it that when you’ve planned a holiday, you have everything in hand, your team is all set, your clients are happy and you’re ready to go and enjoy two weeks of doing something totally different away from your business that it’s then your mind has the best ideas?  

The most brilliant flashes of inspiration on your next move.  On how to bring that new product or service to life in your business. Blog post topics and lead magnet ideas come in fast and you’re so excited to pick up your laptop and get started.  

Oh, but wait you’re supposed to be holidaying, relaxing and switching off…

So here’s an idea.  What about taking a holiday with your business, rather than trying so hard to leave it behind?  I’m not talking about just carrying on as usual but from somewhere else, I’m talking about letting the ‘CEO you’ come along for the ride.

When we are our businesses, thinking about it is part of who we are.  I know a lot of entrepreneurs who just can’t leave it all behind, and more poignantly they don’t want to.  They want to leave some of it behind and take a break, but they want the passion, drive and enthusiasm for their businesses to continue, even when they are sipping a cocktail after a day by the pool.  

I have to let you into a secret that I am one of these entrepreneurs.  I have now found a good balance of working in and on my business, and knowing that I also need time out of it to be the best and healthiest I can be. Health and wellness is so important and should not be left until later ‘when everything else is done’.  It needs to be one of your non-negotiables on a daily basis.

I love running my own business, developing products and services that create a big impact with my clients.  I get energy from learning about how to market my business better, or how to be of better service to my clients, or new ideas to develop my brand a step further.  These are all things that go beyond the day-to-day running of the business, and are on a different level to other things I work on.

I remember times on holiday when I would try and block out any ideas, or thoughts of the business.  I was supposed to be taking a break and this wasn’t supposed to be happening. But the truth is it was, and that’s just how my brain worked.  I was relaxed, happy and having a great time, but the business was still there. 

And that’s OK. In fact, that is more than OK.  Recognising this means that I could enjoy the space away from the day to day a holiday gave me to get back energy and enthusiasm for the parts of my business that had perhaps taken a back seat while my clients took priority.  

Allowing myself time and space to focus on personal development, learning, reading or just noting down thoughts and ideas can be very insightful, empowering and can lighten your mind from the pressures that come with running an online business.  For me, not having to be watching the clock is hugely liberating.  And not having to be ‘always on’ is also a plus! 

Designing a business lifestyle that works for you is the most important thing you can do as a business owner. 

Yes, you do need to rest, recharge and take a break, but that looks different for everyone.  What we need to be at our best is different for every business owner too and there isn’t a one size fits all approach. 

However you design your business lifestyle, keep health and wellness as a priority.  Your business will thank you for it! Not to mention you. 

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.