When you balance these two aspects of business, you will see a whole new level of success.

A strong mindset gives you the confidence and self-assurance to show up for yourself and your business in the way that feels right for you.

While the mechanics – the design and foundation of your business – have a huge impact on how you’re able to do what you want in your business and achieve big goals.

Join for all my thoughts, expertise and musing on building and running a business, while blending that with living life to the full!

Mindset and Mechanics Podcast

“There was a realisation that those two really do work together in business. And I think it’s something that’s perhaps not joined up in our space at the moment.

There’s a lot of talk about mindset in business. And there’s a lot of talk about systems and processes and SOPs and operations and how important those are.

But I really wanted to create something that spoke about them both together.”

Welcome to Mindset & Mechanics. It's time to do things differently....

This private podcast is an opportunity for me to do things a little differently. I didn’t want to add more open noise to a space which already feels overflowing with opportunities to feel overwhelmed and distracted!

I want to help more people design businesses that actually feel enjoyable every day AND get results through paying attention to both mindset and mechanics.

Balancing mindset and mechanics is a core pillar for me as I’ve seen the difference focusing on these two things has made in my own business as well as in my clients’ businesses.

It is a community at its core, and I’d love you to intentionally be part of it, to learn and benefit from understanding the mindset and mechanics needed to create an enjoyable business.

These episodes are bitesize, easy to listen to, and the takeaways are simple to implement. You’ll get real-world value without having to listen to a lengthy episode to get to the good bits!

Whether you’re a freelancer, consultant, coach, online service provider, or corporate CEO, this podcast is for you.

Explore the essential mindset and mechanics needed to run a successful business, and how these two aspects complement each other.

It’s all about balance!

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