Practice Self-Leadership To Optimise Your Productivity

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Do you get overwhelmed by the thought of developing your business?  

There are so many ways to “achieve our goals” now that we can soon find ourselves in a flat spin over what started out as something exciting and fairly straight forward. 

It’s also easy to doubt yourself, and the decision making over the tiniest things seems endless.  

Do you need to officially “Launch?

What’s the best way to reach your ideal clients?

Do you need a coach to help you do this? 

How will you market your new idea? 

I have unravelled many businesses where the CEO has reached breaking point as they have answered these and other questions through the eyes of someone else – either what social media is telling them, what a cookie-cutter approach coach is plugging at the time, or a random blog post then came across in a desperate Google search to find the magic answer they need.  All with such good intention. 

This is where self-leadership comes in.  This way of working will not only beat overwhelm, but you’ll be so much more productive and effective in your decision making and action taking.

Practising self-leadership is about alignment.  You don’t need to do more, invest in more or make changes that don’t matter.  You need to work in a way that is aligned with your values, the way you show up in your business and for your clients. Who YOU really are needs to shine through here. Working in a way that is true to you is the most effortless way to achieve your goals and get the momentum to keep going. 

The choice is always yours, and if you turn away from implementing the latest trend, that’s OK.  The choice you make will be much more strongly rooted in your business vision. 

If this concept is new to you, here are three ways to build your self-leadership muscle for a better, more valued outcome for you and your business. 


Laser focus is absolutely at the heart of self-leadership.  One of my favourite mantras, and one that you have probably heard me say a lot is ‘stay in your own lane’.  Having a rock solid vision is to be able to keep focussed on what matters to you is how you will make the most aligned progress toward your goals.  You’ll come across many forks and flyovers as you travel through business, but if you have a perfected plan of action, you’ll know if they’re right for you or not, and you’ll always be in the right lane! 

When you are focussed, you work on what matters most [link to post] with deeper concentration. 


It’s not a gut instinct for nothing!  If you lean in to how something feels you’ll get more of an idea of whether something is a fit or not. If you take the time to step back and look at what’s going on around you, you’ll make better decisions.  Does what you’re seeing, hearing, reading fit with your mission, value and business model? Will it stick?  Does it compliment who you are and what you do?  


What are you ultimately trying to achieve here? What’s that ideal state, or goal on your plan right now? Keeping that in mind you will take better advantage of the information and opportunities that will present them to you, and make the right decisions. You’ll move forward in a way that matters, rather than getting stuck in a spiral of what’s next.  You’ll be able to filter information much more efficiently and keep distraction to a minimum. 

I’d love for you to think about these three things when you’re next feeling overwhelmed or out of balance.  I think you’ll find it will really help you to see clearly again.

Does self-leadership feel like something you need to work on? 

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.