Productivity and Post-It Notes

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You know that feeling where you look at your business goals for the next week/month/year and it just feels a little bit out of reach?

You haven’t got the roadmap you need. You have a head (and several notebooks) full of ideas but no plan of how to get there. You can see the end result, but what that actually takes is still too jumbled and messy.

So, you resort to what you know to make you feel like you do know it all. You buy a new planner, you rearrange your email filing system, you search Pinterest for all the swipe files and project tools that you are sure will help you.

Sound familiar?

If you have passion, drive, energy and vision for your business you need to start thinking like the CEO that will get you and your business through that next growth phase. But first, you need a plan.

And a plan means Post-It Notes.


While 6-figure CEOs are arguing over the best planner, funnel mapper, and project management tool…

Growth-oriented CEOs know none of that truly matters, and are buying sticky notes by the truckload.

Ryan Deiss, Scalable.co


I love that quote! It landed in my inbox as part of a weekly newsletter and really got me thinking about what it actually takes to move the needle when it comes to business growth, and how much of what we think will make a difference, is actually just the accessories to what will make our business successful. The fluff, the glitter, the icing, but not the actual deep work.

You could spend hours in Asana or ClickUp or Trello making it look beautiful, but have you got a plan to put in it so it can really help you manage what you need to do for your business growth?

And the funnel mapper, there is some really cool tech out there for funnels, but what is your customer journey, what experience are you wanting to create and what are you selling?

Step back.

Take a 30,000ft view of your business and start with a pack of sticky notes and make a plan. It could be the most important thing you do to make huge progress.

Here’s how to get started:

If thinking long term is not for you right now, then just pick 1 to 3 big things that you want to achieve in the next 1, 2, or 3 months. Are you launching a new product or service? Do you need your onboarding or offboarding procedures to be better? Do you need to map out your content for the next quarter?

Pick up your Post-It’s and on each note write one thing that needs to happen in order for you to reach that goal.


Goal: Create a better onboarding experience for my clients.

Post It’s may include: Prospect follow up, proposal, contract, welcome email, onboarding gift, kick off call arranged, outcomes and deliverables defined, client review calls scheduled. And so on…..

Take action: what action steps come from your sticky notes. Do you have a proposal template and contract template, do you have a welcome email template planned, what gifts do you send and so on.

Work in layers and break things down as you go like the example above. Only when you have a solid plan can you then move on to the project management tool!

So, if you ever needed permission to buy lots of Post It notes, here it is! Permission granted. And I can also highly recommend Magic Whiteboard too.

If you need a helping hand with your planning to get out of overwhelm, I can help you right here.


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