The ONE thing you need to focus on right now is STRUCTURE

You’re just on the edge of the growth you desire, but playing small. 

You’re in a cycle of trying all the advice and nothing is having a positive impact on your business mechanics or mindset.

A steep learning curve. You need structure and quick!

You already know how to work hard, now it’s time to work smart!

You’ve made the commitment to be successful.

You knew that you were made for more than just a dull 9-5. That your skills were going to waste working for someone else, you had big ideas, dreams for how you wanted your future to look, and a lot of dedication to get you there.

So, you made the jump and took a risk – and while the dream hasn’t exactly turned into a nightmare, you’re regularly waking up in a cold sweat (metaphorically or otherwise) and wondering if a steady desk job wouldn’t be so bad after all…

It might not be as easy as you thought (or as others make it look) – but it doesn’t have to be quite so tough, either!

Launching a business was your dream.

What you need now is some support. And no one who ever made it “big”, made it alone.

You’re doing a fantastic impression of being in control and on top of everything, but in reality, you’re anything but.

You’re constantly reacting to things as they happen, rather than planning things in advance so that you can do business on your terms.

Now is the perfect time to design the business that you want.  You know your business is offering what your ideal clients need, and you know you make an impact and you have so much energy for this journey.

* Also passionate about: travel, pizza, wine and caramel macchiatos.

I’m Katie, I’m so pleased you’re here!

Systems, processes, tech and all things business ops is my happy place (and I just said that out loud!).

I’m an Operations and Workflow Expert with over 10 years of online business strategy, management and behind-the-scenes experience streamlining the lives and businesses of six and seven figure entrepreneurs. I’ve a passion* for supporting business owners to fulfil their potential, reach their goals and design a business that gives them what they want.

I’ve seen the transformations that happen first hand when we focus on the structure of our business and how we do what we do. It might not be the most glamorous part of running a business, but the transformations that follow certainly are!

* Also passionate about: travel, pizza, wine and caramel macchiatos.

Ready to create the structure you need to take your business to the next level?

You’ve discovered that only focusing on the customer-facing side of your business isn’t the way to keep your expenses, schedule or stress-levels in check.


As an entrepreneur, you’ve chosen an exciting, exhilarating and extraordinary path!

Before all that success comes your way you need structure and systems in place to support you.  You need that foundation to build on.

You need a more formalised way of getting what you need to get done, done.  And that means project and task management so the swings from bursts of activity to nothing at all are a thing of the past.

You’ll be able to see quicker progress than you are now, plan the direction of your business and see clear strategic priorities ahead of you, when you have a way of managing your time better and increasing focus on what matters most.

Oh, and limiting distraction.  Your productivity will 10x with some simple shifts.

Your business isn’t scalable if you don’t have core systems in place to understand your business performance. And now is the perfect time to start!

Now, I get it.  This is not the most exciting thing to be working on in your business, especially when you have all the ideas that you’d rather be working on.  But THIS is what will make those ideas work, and work well.  It is what will make your business work better, seem easier and build your confidence to build your client base, profile and launch new services.


Simple Steps To Get Started

Business Review

You need to review what is having a positive impact on your business.  You’ve tried so many strategies over time that you need to deep dive into what’s working, what’s not and why.

Start Today: Take 1hr and a blank sheet of paper and review everything you have going on right now. Then sift that into what’s working, what’s not, and what you’d like to work but isn’t and therefore holding you back.  You’ll then have a clearer picture of all the moving parts and what you need to work on. This will also give you a starting point to build out the systems you need.

Project Management

With so much going on at your stage of business, you need a central place to go to to see exactly what you need to do, and when.  Both for your own business and for your clients. Setting up this central place where you can see every area of your business is one of the best things you can do right now.

Start Today: How do you get things done? If you use an online tool like Asana or Trello, is it organised? Does it hold everything you have on right now (client and business work)? Has everything got a due date? If not, update it so you have all your to-dos and ideas in one place. If you don’t use an online tool, perhaps it’s time to start!

Time Blocking

Let your calendar be the deal breaker!  Plan your time and stick to what your calendar is telling you to do.  I promise you will not regret it! Start time blocking for client work, business development work, and your personal time.

Start Today: Go through your calendar and start blocking out time on a weekly basis to focus on your most important tasks and projects.  Don’t forget to add in some personal space too!

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It can be HARD! Everything can feel messy right now, but let’s reframe that thought!

Start today!

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