Want To Build More Confidence As A CEO?

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I talk a lot about the mechanics of business and everything that needs to go on behind the scenes to make your business strong and sustainable.  But perhaps what I don’t focus on enough  with what I share with you is the mindset.  

This has always been a huge part of my approach to building a strong and sustainable business. 

In my experience, to execute your big vision, you can’t just have a super streamlined, simple business with a strong foundation. You need the mindset to go with it too.

And wrapped up in all of that is confidence.  

Confidence in you as a business owner, AND confidence in your business being able to support what you need, and want to do.  

Confidence in those things go hand in hand. If you don’t think your business will be able to support what you want to do, is feeling a bit out of balance, and you’re overwhelmed, you won’t have the confidence as a CEO to step and up and design the business you want. 

The most important thing you can do that covers both is spend time in the detail.  

Get to really know your business and how it works.  Know every platform, every function, every system and how everything works together. Understanding your business is fundamental in building confidence. 

In order to do this, you need to do everything yourself before you outsource.  You need to learn what works to a level you’re happy with (I’m not saying become the expert in everything!), and cultivate a foundation level understanding so when you do outsource you know exactly what needs to happen and why, and therefore what needs to be done.  This will give you greater confidence that you’re getting consistency too.  Your new hire might come in an optimise – and that’s great, they should do – but without the basic understanding of every area of your business you won’t have a benchmark to work against. 

Spending time in the detail will also give you insights into what areas of the business are working well and where needs to be strengthened.  This will undoubtedly change from time to time, but you’ll be able to assess what needs to happen to build the business you want.  Do you need to increase your marketing systems to cover new activity?  Is your client onboarding process capturing everything you need? 

Building a strong business foundation is about knowing how your business works inside and out and taking the time to understand it.  When you have this knowledge, your confidence as a CEO will soar, because you know your business can support your goals. 

Energetically, you’ll have motivation and momentum.

You’ll take positive action knowing your business can work hard for you.  You work so hard yourself, so don’t let your business foundation let you down. 

If you’ve read this and know it’s what you need, but it feels just out of reach, then book a Hello Headspace session and let’s build that confidence.

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.