The Secret To Overcoming Shiny Object Syndrome


Do you feel like you are always jumping on the latest business bandwagon, only to then have to try and justify the cost of a new product or service? 

You might have shiny object syndrome! 

In this post I’m going to let you in on the secret of how to overcome the need to jump on board with whatever is new in your industry. 

But first, what impact does shiny object syndrome have on your business?  We may think we’re going all in on the latest trend for all the right reasons, and it will transform how we work, but the honest answer is, it probably won’t.  Here’s the truth about the disruption you may notice….

Wasting Precious Time

As I mentioned in this post, integrating a new platform into your business has a big time investment.  It is not a speedy process to get it optimised and working at it’s best.  The worst part is, that you will do all this work, only to jump ship when something new comes along with new promises. 

Poor Planning

With only using a product or service for a short period of time, you never really get the opportunity to test if it makes a positive difference to your business operations.  This won’t give you any positive indicators that the platform is of benefit, or that the system or process you’re using it for is actually necessary for your business growth. 

Frustration With Your Progress

As the CEO of your business your focus is on growth, scale and performance.  If your focus is on the newest trend, it’s not on taking action where you need to in order to move towards your goals. Too much will be spent trying to replan your goals into your newest ‘thing’.  Dates will move, progress will slow and you’ll quickly feel despondent and overwhelmed. 

Sounds tiring doesn’t it?  And not the way a simple, forward thinking business should operate.  

So how can you overcome shiny object syndrome? 

Know yourself. 

Understand yourself and the way you work, and get crystal clear on the direction of your business and what you’re trying to achieve. 

Having your mind firmly rooted in your forward direction will keep you focused on assessing any new opportunities with clear vision.  

By setting goals that keep you grounded, it will force you to work with what you have to achieve what you want.  Prioritise and use the tools already available to you first to make progress. This will keep the path to the goal uncluttered, and if you do need anything more, you’ll have a clear picture of what that is. 

Unsubscribe from newsletters, spend less time on social media, limit the amount of goals you have running at any one time << all well known productivity killers.

Stay in your own lane.  A very favourite saying of mine.  Your business will thank you for it! 

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Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.