How To Recharge After A Busy Period


We read a lot about how it’s important to recharge, take a break and rest to avoid burnout, to keep healthy, and our energy, performance and positivity levels high.

It sounds so easy sometimes doesn’t it, shutting down your computer at the end of the day, picking up some personal hobbies or binge watching the latest hit series on Netflix to try and switch off our minds.  Or taking a day or a few days off to get away from it all and have a change of scenery.  The promise of feeling refreshed and recharged await on the other side of all those things.

But what if, for you, it’s not like that.  You find it really difficult to switch off and it’s not as easy as watching Netflix as there is a busy part of your mind still figuring things out in the business, weighing up your next best move, or mentally making that to-do-list-of-things-not-on-your-to-do-list that you meant to add but didn’t. 

So how do you reach a level where you can recharge after a busy period and the downtime that you’re taking will do what it’s meant to. 

I was one of those people too.  

For years I couldn’t seem to get the recharge that I needed (or that all of social media and business gurus were promising me would happen!), or if I did, it took way longer than I felt it should to make a difference. 

I tried lots of different ways to recharge and switch off, but there was always this feeling that I still hadn’t done X or that Y really needed me to look at that before now.  I also felt like I was taking time off when I felt I should be, rather than when it worked for me in the cadence of my business. 

And that’s when the penny dropped. 

I needed to change just two things to make my time off do more good.  It’s not always what you do when you take time away, but what you do before it that can have a bigger benefit. 

Plan this time at regular intervals

Just like your business has a cadence, your time away should too.  Plan in your afternoons/days/weeks off in advance at regular intervals and make them a non-negotiable.  The more you plan, the more you can plot you business to work up to that point, knowing that is when you’re going to be away, rather than the big juggle and panic, and late nights that can happen when you feel you should take a day off, so do like tomorrow, and then wonder why you can’t switch off.   You’ll soon get into a rhythm of this and it will become much more beneficial. 

Do the work before you go

I once read an article about the busy culture we’re in and the anxiety that goes with it. Often the busy-ness can blind us and we spend our time feeling overwhelmed, emotional and worried about all we have to do rather than actually doing the work.  It sounds simple, but if you take action to do what you’re feeling overwhelmed about, the feeling of overwhelm will dissipate.  You need to do the work. 

If you take time off with really pressing matters that need your attention still waiting for you and then try and take time away, it won’t work.  You’ll spend more time thinking that you really should be doing X than enjoying yourself.  That’s why no. 2 goes hand in hand with no. 1 here, when you plan your time you can prioritise getting done what you need to before you go.  So no more worry and overwhelm while you’re away. 

Do the work and plan is the answer to most things!  Even though at times it’s the last thing we want to hear! Here’s to more restful time away from our businesses. (And I know the image with this blog is a little off the usual ‘look’ – but I couldn’t resist it! And sometimes change can be a good thing ????)  

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.