The Surprising Secret to Less Overwhelm

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Keep it classic.  Not trendy. 

That’s the surprising secret to less overwhelm in your business. 

That’s it!  I’ve given it all way in the first line of the blog but read on to find out why.

I recently took a big step back from being in the online space. I became a watcher, and a reader, and a thinker.  I needed a break to re-establish my thoughts, direction and what I wanted to bring to a space which was so jam packed! I wasn’t creating content, there have been no blogs recently, and my newsletters have been few and far between, and so has posting on my social channels.

I was seeing the same themes over and over in most posts:




I just didn’t know how best to contribute to those same yearly (or monthly!) conversations anymore. Which, for someone who has a lot to say about all of those topics and works with clients to beat overwhelm, be more productive and achieve goals, was surprising!

Now, most of this break for me was in Q4 and these topics are often hot at that time of year. But posts about overwhelm and how not to be, quickly followed by posts and articles about how and why we should set goals and how to be productive and not overwhelmed while working on them, with a sprinkling of new theories on how we should set goals, and several guarantees that if you did work in a particular way you would achieve your wildest dreams.

If that’s not a recipe for overwhelm, then I don’t know what is!

And it got me thinking about how I work, and what has actually worked for me in each of those areas over the last 10 years.

It’s not the newest trend, or idea, or planner, or spreadsheet. It’s doing what I have always done that works and that fits into my business schedule.

It’s not focusing on how much there is to do to achieve what I want. It’s planning the projects and time in a way I know works for me, and will keep me accountable.

It’s having goals that I know will fit my wider vision for the business, and integrating them in a way that I know works, and complements and enhances what I do, and how I work.

I do what works.  And what has worked without fail. For 10 years.  What reason is there to change?

Of course, I keep up to date with industry trends, and am never closed to looking at new ways of doing things.  But with ‘new’ can often come overwhelm, decreased productivity, and unfinished goals.  If what you’re doing still serves what you need to do, then you don’t need the latest strategy, you don’t need to change, you just need to do what you’ve always done and keep achieving what you want!

If you’re still looking for a focus to keep you grounded as you plan this year, ‘keep it classic’, is your motto!

What have you done before that has worked for you?

What feels achievable, aligns with how you work, and suits your working style?

Do that.  Do what works!

And if you’re not sure what works for you, or what will, then I can help you figure that out.

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Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.