Think in Layers When You’re Making Changes in Your Business.

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Running a business often means every decision you make can have a big impact. Whether you’re tweaking your website, adjusting client workflows, or managing your time better, thinking in layers can really improve how smoothly your business runs and how much you enjoy running it.

But first, let’s look at what these layers actually are.

Foundational Systems

Your business relies on its foundational systems—the tools and tech you use every day, like your website, CRM software, and project management tools. When thinking about changes, start by checking if these systems still fit your needs. Upgrading to simpler tools or streamlining processes, such as client onboarding, can save time and reduce stress. Just be aware that changes changes at this layer can affect efficiency and productivity for a short time until the new tool or process is properly integrated into your business.

Operational Processes

This is all about how you get things done day-to-day. From handling client requests to delivering your services, your operational processes determine your efficiency. Look for ways to automate repetitive tasks or create templates to save time. By making these processes smoother, you can focus more on growing your business. 

Personal Wellbeing

Your well-being is key to your business’s success. Managing your time well, finding a good work-life balance, and staying creative are crucial. Think about how changes in your business affect your personal life. Feeling overwhelmed? Maybe it’s time to set clearer work boundaries or spend more time on activities that recharge you. When you’re at your best, it shows in your work and client relationships.

Client Relationships

Your business thrives on good client relationships. Improving how you communicate and serve your clients can lead to happier customers who spread the word about your services. Regularly ask for feedback to see where you can improve. Making changes based on their input can strengthen relationships and bring in more business. Just be ready for changes in your workload and how you deliver your services as you aim to give clients an even better experience.

Strategic Growth

Think long-term. Growing your business means keeping an eye on where your industry is heading and finding new opportunities, but also being innovative with how you can keep evolving what you do. Regularly review your goals and explore new ways you offer your service.  But remember, adjusting your strategies might mean reshuffling resources, how you spend your time and tweaking how you do things day-to-day to support new ideas.

Implementing Changes Effectively

When you make changes, look at each layer of your business to find areas to improve. Plan carefully and keep an eye on how changes affect other parts of your business. Communicate openly with clients if needed and listen to their feedback to make sure you’re meeting their needs. Keep reviewing how things are going and be ready to adjust your plans based on what you learn. And don’t forget to celebrate wins along the way—they keep you motivated and show you’re on the right track.

Embrace change as a chance to refine your business and make it even better. Keep things balanced, and enjoy the journey of building a successful business on your own terms.

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.