Three Missing Pieces Of The Goal Achieving Puzzle

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I think a lot of business owners in today’s online space are in love with the wrong part of goal setting. 

We love the dream don’t we!  We love thinking about the “what it would be like if I had x, y, z in my business by March”.  We get caught up in thinking about planning, launching, doing the new thing, but we forget about the steps that we actually need to take to get to that dream state. 

When I say what ‘we actually need’ I don’t just mean a plan for once!  Yes, taking action consistently is an underestimated step in goal achievement, but there are other pieces of the puzzle that we need for success. 

Plan for real life alongside your plan for action

Life and business will still continue while you work on your goals.  Unfortunately we can’t press pause on everything else and live in the ideal state we want for the duration of achieving our goals.  There have been many times I would like to do just that, but that’s just not feasible.  

Your current business needs you. Never neglect the business you have, this might not be serving you how you would like right now, but your business matters to your clients and your audience and you need to keep providing that value.

Your life outside the business needs you, and you will need to factor that in too. Creating balance is hugely important for a clear head when working in and on the business. 

Seek Feedback

Working on something new can be a huge leap of faith.  You may know it is aligned with your mission, vision and values and will be an amazing offering for current and future clients, but it’s really important not to work in a bubble, only to find you’ve missed a key step along the way. 

Look to your network and run ideas by them.  Ask them for their opinions, insights and how they view what you’re doing. They may well see blindspots that you can pick up on now, rather than get to the launch phase and see it then

Reward yourself!

You don’t need to just celebrate when you have achieved the big goal you set out to, in fact you shouldn’t.  Celebrate milestones the you map along the way and make sure you map a reward with each of those milestones.  I know this sounds really simple but it makes a huge difference to your motivation and boosts momentum to the next milestone. 

It’s time we started to look outside of the action steps needed for goal achievement, and fall in love with the whole process, not just ticking this off a list! 

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.