Why Your Business Mechanics Mean More Than You Think

Business Ops, Strategy

Before you hit the back button on your browser, STOP!  I’m not talking about becoming an expert at Asana or ClickUp.  Neither am I saying you need to suddenly get a qualification in finance or marketing. 

Understanding the mechanics of your business has a huge positive impact on your mindset, and the future trajectory of your business. 

A big, and often misunderstood, part of business mechanics are the workflows.  These workflows are what need to be optimised to ensure that the platforms you’re using compliment what your workflow is achieving for your business.  And it’s not all about the tech, it’s about how efficiently you’re getting from point A to point B. 

Talking about ‘mechanics’ and getting from ‘point A to point B’ can sound harsh, and that all your business is, is a machine to make money.  Truth, it will always be that.  BUT it’s a lot more than that.  So much of our hearts and minds go into business that it can never be just about the mechanics. But learn to love them as much as you do the rest of your business and they will become a key part of your decision making.  Here’s how. 

To build confidence in your business decision making you need to understand how your business works under the hood, to know the best next step.  

Get to know every area, and you’ll know what your current business can support and sustain, and whether you can plan and execute now, or before you do that, you need to make an area stronger. 

For example, if you’re about to launch a new product or service – a key part of making that a success is the marketing strategy behind it. Are your current marketing campaigns successful to do this?  Have they been successful in the past and does that mean they will perform again here?  

Every area needs to work for you.  You might spend time on creating a fantastic new client or customer experience, but if you haven’t got the marketing plan in place to bring them to you, it doesn’t matter how good that experience is, it won’t get noticed.  And vice versa.  Your lead generation might be spot on, but if you don’t nurture your new customers and clients, their view of you and your business will soon be tarnished by the experience they’re now getting. Never a good thing! 

Often the weaker areas can be the areas we don’t like, or we’re not well versed in. If that’s the case, it’s time to outsource to bring those pillars of your business up to the same strength as the others to support your business vision.

Making the decision to strengthen the weaker areas of your business before you get on to the exciting things will be the best decision you can make to give your plans the best chance of success.  It’s often the least favourite decision – all you want to get to is the fun part.  But the fun part won’t be fun when your business lets you down at the final hurdle!

Quick sense check!  You’re bound to have something in your mind now that you’d like to develop, so run it through it with your business mechanics in mind. 

What areas of your business will be brought into play?

Are those pillars set up well to support what you need to do?

If not, what needs to change?

How will you change it? 

Take action on what you have uncovered BEFORE you move on!

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.