Why Your Working Style Matters

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Running a business requires us to look, almost daily, at the mechanics that make everything work and what we need to get done, done.  From the tech, to the time management, sometimes it’s like we’re just following the routine that our business has dictated to us that fits around our service to our clients, and what we do. 

But do you ever step back and look at how you work?  

The tech pretty much gets on with it once you have it set up the way you want it.  But what about you?  Have you been ‘just getting on with it’ for too long without actually taking a look at when you work best and how that can really optimise work for your business and your clients.

Well, perhaps now is the time to do that. 

Early bird or night owl.  Sprinter or marathon runner.  Creative or technical minded?  They’re often what we hear about when and how we perform at our best. 

I’m an early bird, usually a sprinter, and I’m more technically minded than creative, though sometimes it might be a 50/50 split. 

When do you feel at your best to get your most important work done?

Your energy levels will vary throughout the day, but if you thought about it you’ll be able to tell when you are at your best and should be focussing on your most important, critical tasks of the day.  That’’s usually morning for me, and I do my admin/low energy/impact tasks in the afternoon.   Prioritise your best time to get the work done that is the most important. 

Are you a sprinter or a marathon runner?

A sprint is where you have a short burst of intense activity to get a project done (you can read more about how to do that here), and a marathon is where you’ll factor in much longer periods of time to work on a project.  There isn’t a right or wrong way to do it, it’s what suits you best. 

A spring can be anything from 4 weeks to 90 days, and a marathon project is more 4-6 months, perhaps longer.   You may like the all in, go hard or go home way of working, or you’re happy ticking things off at a much slower pace.    If you’re someone who thrives on momentum then a sprint will be for you, if you’re happy to spend a lot of time fitting in your projects around you other commitments and only working on it a day or so a week, as opposed to everyday, then marathons are more your style.   

Why not try one and see how you feel, you’ll soon know if it suits, and you can adapt with ease if you want to either quicken or slow the pace. 

Creative or Technical

Perhaps this should be named, outsource or do it yourself!  You’ll know now where your strengths lie, usually in the more creative camp or technical camp, and where your strengths don’t lie, that you don’t like doing and it’s sucking too much of your time and energy.  That should be outsourced.  

The idea of working out your working style is to discover how to fine tune your daily schedule so you’re really at your most productive both in and out of the business and you can make the progress you need to make in all areas. 

Try and do what you think you should be doing, or work in a way that you think you should because it must work, is a sure fire way to meet with resistance about how your business is operating as a whole, when really it is more how you’re operating. 

Take some time this week to check in with yourself, are you working at your very best?

Meet Katie

Katie is a business operations strategist, manager and workflow expert, designing and streamlining what goes on behind the scenes for better results.